Monday, 31 March 2014

12" Of The Week // Klute Ft. Klose - My Black & White (Calibre Remix)

Klute Ft. Klose - My Black & White (Calibre Remix) [Commerical Suicide]

Klute and Calibre have a lot in common. They are possibly the two most prolific album writers to have come out of drum and bass music. They also share a lot of stylistic traits in the way that they make incredible use of chord arrangements and subtle unimposing instrumentation to make some of the most engaging and beautiful music to have emerged from drum and bass over the last ten years. As When they have collaborated over the years the end result is often far greater than the sum of its parts and when Klute lets Calibre loose on the odd remix, the magic just seems to sparkle that little bit brighter. Sadly it’s been seven years since we saw them produce together on Freedom Come from Klute’s landmark Emperors New Clothes album and its been even longer since we have been treated to a remix. My favourite geek fact about these guys is that Calibre even had Tom master his Second Sun album back in 2005. Quite an accolade!

Monday, 24 March 2014

12" Of The Week // Villem & McLeod - Putting Down Roots / Think That I'm Yours

Villem & McLeod - Putting Down Roots / Think That I'm Yours (Warm Communications)

I really love it when an artists’ music instantly grabs you. Usually it happens through some sort of chance alignment of their musical output with your current/ongoing tastes. That shock and awe is so instantly gratifying because it’s often coupled with unexpectedness. Equally rewarding though is when it takes a little while to really appreciate an artist. Building up an understanding of their musical past to gain a greater understanding of their present and what they’re about makes you enjoy their music more and more as you indulge in it. Case in point - I never realised the depth with which Villem and McLeod were into the history drum and bass/jungle music until we asked them to tell us about some of their favourite breaks of all time a few months ago. If you haven’t checked it yet, do! Villem even employed his knowledge of the formative years to a recent PHD completed by another of EDJs favourite producers, Jason OS. There are not many b-boys that can say that! What I’m getting at here is that these two moments of enlightenment both contributed markedly towards me finding more of an affinity with the guys’ music. It presented a humanity to the music that can so easily get lost/forgotten when music is as essentially intangible as it is in this digital age. Catalysing that growing awareness and understanding presents in itself one of the most enriching things about being a music fan.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Weekly Roundup // 21.03.14

Calibre - Shelflife 3

So, the third instalment of Shelflife dropped this week, the tantalising prospect of it has been firmly lived up to with a 13 track CD of the usual unreleased productions from 1997 to 2013. The quality of the music on show and the very nature of it being released through fans almost demanding that certain unreleased tracks see the light of day is a testament to how much Calibre still has to offer dnb, past, present and future.

Monday, 17 March 2014

12" Of The Week // Sam KDC - Survive/Exist

Sam KDC - Survive/Exist (Feat. Petra Zhivkova & Gloria Petkova) / Erogenous (Samurai Red Seal)

Music that floats around the 85/170 bpm mark is not renowned for being particularly abstract in its approach. Most of the time the themes and sounds presented within it are bold and clear to the listener. There are a few that thrive by defying this approach though and the connection between that and how much we at EDJ appreciate those particular individuals, through their labels and productions, only really occurred to me today. It’s hinted towards by the amount confusion there is over exactly what to call music that flirts with the outer reaches of the 170 bpm spectrum. So desperate are people to understand it, that they will give it names that fuse three or four different genre tags. It’s kind of nice in a way. It shows that people are genuinely enthused by the music and through that enthusiasm it achieves one of the greatest gifts that art can give us, intellectual stimulation through interaction with other interested parties.

Monday, 3 March 2014

12" Of The Week // Mutated Forms - Crowlin / Reach You In Your Sleep

Mutated Forms - Crowlin / Reach You In Your Sleep (Blu Mar Ten Music)

Drum and bass music has not been short of it’s fair share of tunes with a convoluted history. I don’t need to recite examples of tracks that were slated for X and then never came out or were dropped and passed to Y for release on Z and then… never came out and are still sat on somebody’s hard drive when secretly there are a lot of us that would happily spend our hard earned cash on a copy. But today we have a shining example of tenacity and persistence in the midsts of the release schedules and it comes from one my favourite labels out there, BMTM.

Friday, 28 February 2014

Weekly Roundup // 27.02.14

NSY009 Love Sundered (Sinistarr Remix) / The Chant

Silent Dust and Sinistarr team up for the latest instalment of the None60 story this week. Two tracks that, while displaying very different influences still seem to share so much. Silent Dust's Love Sundered is given a healthy dose of clean-cut Detroit bounce from Sinistarr. The repetitive vocal edits of the original have been pitched up even more! Clicking top end percussion and drum machines a-plenty all play out among an overriding swing that seems to have found it favoured by the juke-setters in the run up to its release.

The Chant is a collab between the two. Somewhat less clean cut, smattered with breaks and West Indian vocals but veneered with clicks and a load more modern fills, it's is a juxtaposition that seems to work very well.

Dexta and Hyroglifics - Boxgroove EP

Different musics' pink giraffe has been lurking around this week. He has let loose for us, The Boxgroove EP from Dexta and Hyroglifics. The collaborative title track is certainly the pick of the bunch here with it's crunchy lo-fi squelch but there's plenty more fun to be had with Dexta's breakier The Dogz and Hyroglifics' murky Move Over.

Solid Steel Radio - Moresounds

Ninja Tune's weekly Solid Steel radio show gives EDJ favourite Moresounds, an hour slot to showcase everything from Canadian Library music, through his own unreleased archives and then into some more contemporary beats that hover around the 170/85bpm range. More proof of his excellent deployment of stylistic breadth and range of talent. Also a great example of the way drum and bass music has the power to draw in people from many musical walks of life and spit them back out again, musically enriched from the experience.

Salford Jon

Earlier this week you may have read our interview with MC DRS. His parting sentiment from that interview was a mention for his friend who recently passed away, Salford Jon. Today fellow Mancunian Dub Phizix has posted a very moving eulogy for Jon on his website. I would urge you all to go and read it here to truly understand what an impact his passing has had on the whole of Manchester's drum and bass community.

As part of the post he mentions an A$ap Ferg tune that had been adapted by MC Strategy and remixed by Dub Phizix with Jon's own vocals over it. You may have heard it played if you've seen Phizix set over the last few years and now he's offering it up to everyone for the price of a donation to help Jon's two children that have been left without a dad. Such gestures are rare in the ever more cynical world of music but if you read the eulogy and can't find it in your heart to make a donation using the button below, no matter how small, then I think you're unfit to call yourself a fan. Further to that, the wider drum and bass community are getting together for a tribute night on Monday in honour of Jon. Details can be found here and all proceeds will be going towards the same cause as your donation for this tune.